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No matter how well you think you know Adobe Lightroom, this video probably still has something to teach you about Adobe's photo editing and digital asset management program.

In the video, photographer and YouTuber Jamie Windsor spends twelve minutes looking at 10 "hidden" Lightroom Classic features you may or may not know about. Some are a bit more common-knowledge than the others, but odds are you'll find at least one feature you didn't know existed.

Check out the video above for a full rundown, or keep reading for a quick synopsis of all 10 tips:

Sharing online - Using an integrated share function, you can easily share an album of your images online, where people can favorite and even comment on your photos.
Getting good color - Hidden inside the develop dialog is a little color calibration tool. Adobe recently updated this tool, but the tip still stands and proves even more useful.
Change preset opacity - This tip needs a plugin (The Fader), so it's not directly integrated into Lightroom. But the tool is free to download. Once installed, you can choose how strong any presets are that you've installed.
Targeted adjustment tool - Rather than using HSL sliders, the ta

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